Maliwal assault case: Bibhav Kumar, Kejriwal’s PA, is taken into custody from the CM home

May 18, New Delhi Quickly responding to former DCW head Swati Maliwal’s FIR about an attack in “Sheeshmahal,” the Delhi Police detained Bibhav Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal’s personal secretary, on Saturday at the head minister’s house in Delhi.

It was alleged that Bibhav Kumar had beaten and mistreated Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Swati Maliwal in the drawing room of the chief minister of Delhi. In her formal complaint, Maliwal said that on May 13, while she was waiting to speak with the Chief Minister, he stormed into the room, attacked her, and gave her a black and blue beating.

Arvind Kejriwal’s longtime assistant, Bibhav Kumar, has been placed under arrest and will be questioned over the allegations of mistreatment and misconduct.

In the meantime, Bibhav also filed a complaint with the Civil Lines police station, stating that he was prepared for the incident’s investigation.

Although the Maliwal incident exacerbates the issues facing the already troubled AAP leadership, new CCTV evidence has given the case a new dimension.

It’s possible that Delhi Police would examine the CCTV footage from the CM house. Following the filing of the FIR by the former DCW head, the crime scene was also recreated at CM’s home on Friday.

Arvind Kejriwal has been the target of intense criticism from the BJP, which has labeled the AAP leadership’s assault on the female MP inside the CM House as “cheerharan.”

Additionally, it claimed that even with plenty of “evidence” against Kejriwal, the AAP was protecting his personal secretary.

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