Maliwal’s claims are backed by the ACB case and a BJP plan, according to AAP’s Atishi

Delhi minister Atishi said on Saturday that Swati Maliwal, the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP and former head of the Delhi Women Commission (DCW), was in contact with BJP leaders and that she was forced to “hatch this conspiracy” by using an old Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) case as pressure.

Maliwal charged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s PA, Bibhav Kumar, of attacking her on May 13 at the CM’s official house.

“The same tactics that were employed in the Swati Maliwal case to threaten opposition politicians into joining the BJP were applied to the ED, CBI, anti-corruption agency, income tax department, and Economic Offences Wing. Atishi informed a news outlet, “Swati Maliwal was made to hatch this conspiracy and was used as a pawn. There is a case against her by the Anti-Corruption Bureau; a FIR has been made and an investigation is underway.”

Saurabh Bharadwaj, the minister of health for Delhi and an AAP lawmaker, also hinted that her accusations against Kejriwal’s PA were motivated by the ACB issue.

When a woman makes such claims, it seems that part of what she says will be true. We had the similar thoughts about Swati Maliwal ji, but when the footage of the CM residence’s drawing room was released yesterday, it showed a different picture. The Delhi Police officials are seen being threatened by Swati ji in the video. That video does not show the accusations of violence and clothing shredding that woman is making. She’s got a nice, comfy seat. The outcome of the case that the BJP’s ACB brought against Swati ji is still pending. According to Bhardwaj, Swati ji is also in contact with senior BJP officials.

A case has been brought by Maliwal against Bibhav Kumar. She said in her complaint that on May 13, when she went to Kejriwal’s house, Kumar kicked her in the stomach and in the region of her pelvis and hit her in the chest.

AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh acknowledged that Bibhav Kumar misbehaved with Maliwal the day after she made her accusations, and he promised that Bibhav Kumar will face serious consequences.

A fresh development in the case, nevertheless, was a rumored video purporting to show Maliwal intimidating Delhi police officers assigned to Kejriwal’s protection and assaulting his PA, Bibhav Kumar.

Maliwal may be seen in the video relaxing on a couch in the Delhi Chief Minister’s official residence’s drawing room. She then reportedly mistreats Kumar and threatens the on-duty police.

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