Mallikarjun Kharge predicts that MVA will win 46 of the 48 seats at the INDIA Bloc Press Conference in Mumbai

On May 18, 2024, a news conference was called by the leaders of the India bloc in Mumbai on Saturday. Ahead of the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2024, heavyweights like Uddhav Thackeray, the president of the Shiv Sena (UBT), and NCP (SP) chairman Sharad Pawar were present. On Friday, the opposition coalition staged a demonstration for the election in the city.

At the press conference that the India bloc’s leaders conducted in Mumbai, these leaders stated:

Mallikarjun Kharge:

Maharashtra’s illegal government is supported by the prime minister.
Every speech that PM Modi gives aims to split the nation.
In this election, the nation’s citizens are fighting back against the BJP and Prime Minister Modi.
Democracy is something that PM Modi only talks about; he doesn’t practice it. In politics, he used the tod-fod policy. The same strategies were used in Karnataka, MP, and other states prior to Maharashtra.
In Maharashtra, the India Alliance is expected to get 46 out of 48 seats.
Mumbai was overlooked by PM Modi. Although the bullet train was announced in his first year, it took ten years to materialize.
Mumbai’s merchants and companies will profit from our single, straightforward GST.
I heard the PM’s address from yesterday. He doesn’t say anything except insult us and label us as anti-national.
We will provide 10 kg of foodgrains, which is double the amount the government presently provides.
In response to a query on the PM’s claim that the Congress will demolish the Ram temple, Kharge said, “We don’t believe in bulldozer politics. They really do. PM Modi is trying to provoke people with this. The EC needs to prosecute PM.”
Kharge said, “Earlier he said it was the Muslim League manifesto; now he’s saying it’s Mao’s manifesto,” in response to the PM’s claim that the Congress platform is “Maoist.” He should choose one item first. He is always shifting positions. Who is composing his speech? I’m not sure.”
Thackeray Uddhav:

On June 4, Jumla’s period will come to an end. Since the government of the India bloc is taking office, Ache Din will start on June 4.
They are stealing everything to Gujarat after plundering Mumbai and Maharashtra. We are going to restore the splendor of Maharashtra.
Along with the unlawfully elected chief minister and deputy chief minister, PM Modi is campaigning for an illegal government.
I recently said that while they name us Nakli Sena, they will call RSS Nakli Sangh tomorrow. Nadda said in an interview published in today’s publications that the BJP no longer needs Sangh’s assistance. These are indications of autocracy. They’ll devour their own mentorship program.
Voting ink is being marked on people’s fingertips in BJP-weak districts even before they are scheduled to cast their ballots. We have brought these approaches to the attention of EC.
“There are several candidates for the PM position from the Indian bloc. We’ve spoken about the same thing before. We will make the same revelation when the moment is appropriate. BJP, however, only has one face, and it is ineffective. They are unable to switch the PM mid-election. Thus, they are interrogating us behind our backs, Thackeray stated.
Pawar Sharad

Sharad Pawar responded to Modi’s comments, saying, “Savarkar is not an issue in this election.” Modi had asked him to swear that Rahul Gandhi would not disparage Savarkar even if he were elected. The PM wants no part of an election based on disagreements. His goal is to stir up religious sentiment in others. It’s best to disregard him.
“His statement that our government will employ a bulldozer on the Ram temple is incorrect. Whether a religious institution is owned by a Sikh, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, our government will respect it,” Pawar said.

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