Missing phone of Manali murder victim discovered

The police have located the store where the culprit, 23-year-old Vinod Thakur, got a bag to throw away the corpse of his 26-year-old victim, who was from Bhopal, in the recent murder case at the Manali hotel.

Although the woman’s cell phone was discovered by the police on May 15 in the bag containing her corpse on the hotel grounds, her other phone was discovered yesterday at Rangri, on the banks of the Beas. It seems that the accused threw it while escaping after performing the offense.

Sources claim that the victim had marks on her neck, indicating that he may have strangled her. According to what is known, the woman—a college student—was urging him to get married. Her family had relocated to the Palwal area of Haryana from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. A few years ago, the two connected on social media and became friends.

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