More than 21,000 troops will be able to vote via electronic mail

The Kangra parliamentary seat has up to 21,518 army troops who are entitled to vote using the “Electronically-Transmitted Postal Ballot System.” Deputy Commissioner Hemraj Bairwa, the Kangra District Election Officer, provided this information, stating that the e-postal ballot capability was implemented by the Election Commission for the convenience of service voters.

Plans have been undertaken to contact voters via internet means by altering the postal voting procedure. Voters in the program would get a postal ballot by email. The service voter will also get an email with the PIN in addition to this.

The voter’s mobile device will get a one-time password (OTP) after inputting the PIN and mobile number.

According to Bairwa, in order to boost the proportion of voters, a voter education campaign has been launched in the district, and voters over 85 who are handicapped or old will also be permitted to cast their ballots from home.

He said that the district’s polling places were equipped with the essential amenities in accordance with Election Commission norms, guaranteeing that voters would not have any difficulties when casting their ballots. He promised to provide poll workers with the necessary training so they could run a smooth and equitable election at all of the district’s levels.

He said that the Election Commission had introduced the cVigil app, which allowed regular people to report transgressions of the model code of conduct, in order to guarantee free and fair voting.

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