Mumbai Airport adds the most eGates in India, rising from 24 to 68

An official said here on Tuesday that the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has expanded its terminal entrance points (eGates) from 24 to 68, the greatest quantity of such eGates at kerbside/landslide in the nation.

This would significantly reduce the waiting time to less than one minute at the curbside by enhancing the CSMIA’s processing capacity to 7,440 passengers per hour at Terminal 2 and 2,160 at Terminal 1, which is treble its existing capacity.

Both DigiYatra and non-DigiYatra travelers will have an enhanced travel experience at CSMIA thanks to the new effort to extend its state-of-the-art digital gateway program.

To provide a first-rate passenger experience, the CSMIA’s Digital Gateway combines the advantages of technology, process excellence, big data analytics, and design thinking.

Here, there are now 68 terminal entrance points instead of only 24, all thanks to improved technology, and no significant civil works are required.

Along with 28 dedicated non-DigiYatra e-gates, the Digital Gateway at T2 now offers 28 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates.

Furthermore, Terminal 1 (T1) has six DigiYatra-only e-gates and six non-DigiYatra e-gates, which improves both the overall capacity and passenger experience of the airport.

In addition, the representative said that 118 more e-gates are being installed at T2’s pre-embarkation security check area to facilitate passenger movements even further.


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