Mumbai: Couple Refused Flat for Being ‘Marathi Manus’, Incident Provokes Outrage

An unfortunate occurrence occurred in Mumbai when a Marathi couple’s attempt to purchase an apartment was blocked because they were ‘Marathi Manus’. Despite Mumbai apartment purchasers and renters having a reputation for discrimination based on cuisine and religious preferences, the episode seemed startling at the download 2023 09 28t200040.495

Regarding the incident
Trupi Devrukhkar shared a video of the event on social media and used it to draw attention to the issue.

Trupi claims that she and her husband went to Mulund West to look at office space choices but were suddenly turned down for residence by the Gujarati community since they were of Marathi ancestry.

Trupti continued by saying that the officer bearer had told them of their regulation when she had questioned the cause for the prejudice at the time.

According to Trupi’s viral video, when questioned about the rulebook, they refused to provide it and beat the subjects outside of the society.

What action did the authorities take?
Following the terrible occurrence, members of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) addressed the society officer-bearer to inquire about their discriminatory actions and demand an apology from those who turned down Trupti for dwelling.

Workers for MNS in Mulund approached the responsible parties and forced them to apologize.

The episode sparked significant emotions from the public and prompted inquiries about the politicians’ sluggish demeanor.

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