Mumbai: Woman Forced From Moving Train For Refusing Robbery Offer, Charges Filed

In a sad event at Mumbai’s famous Dadar railway station, a man allegedly shoved a lady off of a moving train as she rejected his effort to rob her.According to reports, the incident happened on Sunday night while traveling on the Bengaluru-Mumbai CSMT Udyan Express.

Authorities said that the accused had been captured on Monday.

Regarding the incident

According to media sources, at approximately 8.30 p.m., as the train chugged out of Dadar, its second-to-last stop, a guy entered the unreserved women compartment, which was only partially occupied.


The official claims that the guy sexually assaulted the lady and stole a blue bag holding money.


The culprit pulled the woman out of the compartment as she fought his robbery attempt and ran away, according to him.


There were no specifics on the victim’s condition.


According to the Government Railway Police (GRP), the victim went to them on Monday to file a complaint, but the perpetrator was caught before an official FIR was filed.


Before identifying the suspect, the police looked through CCTV video and talked with witnesses. The suspect was charged with assaulting a woman’s modesty, attempted murder, and inflicting harm in the course of a robbery, the official said.

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