Muslim girl witnesses the horrors of Hamas and becomes a Hindu

After seeing the horrors carried out by Hamas terrorists in Israel on television, Muskan Siddiqui, a young woman, made the decision to convert from Islam to Hinduism.

A fortnight ago, Muskaan converted to Hinduism and wed Shishupal Maurya, a fellow Hindu.

In front of Vikar Hindu, the head of the Rashtriya Hindu Sher Sena, the couple wed in accordance with Hindu customs.

Muskan, 23, resides in Katra, Shahjahanpur, and her spouse is a resident of Maholi Chadiya village, which is within the jurisdiction of Maholi police station.

When Muskaan and Shishupal were employed at a factory in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, they became close.

Muskaan Siddiqui, who went by Muskaan Maurya after changing his name, has submitted an affidavit attesting to the fact that she converted to Hinduism voluntarily and wasn’t tricked or coerced into becoming a Hindu.

In her declaration, Muskaan expressed her extreme distress and revulsion about the crimes committed against Israeli women on October 7 during a vicious assault on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Pre-nuptial agreements were also signed by the pair, formally confirming their marriage. They committed to living as life partners, according to Hindu tradition, and ensuring that their offspring would eventually inherit a legitimate portion of Shishpal Maurya’s estate.

In the Ramkot police station area, at Kali Mandir, the couple exchanged vows. Arya Samaj conducted the marriage ceremony.

She claims that the crimes committed by Hamas against Israeli women compelled her to abandon Islam in a video that has also been made public.


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