National Conference: J&K Administration dislikes elections and doesn’t want people to have more power

Omar Abdullah, a former chief minister and vice president of the National Conference, said on Monday that the J&K government opposes assembly elections because they want to maintain their control over the former state without giving the people any say in it.

During the Anantnag constituency election campaign, Omar Abdullah spoke with the media in Kulgam and said that the Election Commission ought to have thought about holding simultaneous polls in J&K. The assembly and LS votes were sabotaged by the present government because they do not want to give the people more authority. Abdullah said, “They are ruling like uncrowned kings.”

At a workers’ conference at Damhal Hanjipora, Omar said that officials created obstacles to the assembly elections taking place.

“Our officers created obstacles for the Assembly elections by claiming they were unable to organize sufficient protection. You claim that things have improved, things are back to normal, and there are no longer any gun-related risks. You won’t need to deploy much security if there is no threat from firearms; if there is, elections ought not have been conducted. They are really becoming spoilt, he said.

But according to Abdullah, the Election Commission must conduct the assembly elections by September 30 of this year, as stipulated by the Supreme Court, which made this decision after considering a number of petitions contesting the repeal of Article 370.

Speaking to the NC over electoral bonds, Omar said that whereas the BJP was paid Rs 6,900 crore, his party only got Rs 50 lakh.

“We received a Rs 50 lakh bond from one of my pals, Airtel, to operate the party. It’s not like comparing Rs 50 lakh to Rs 6,900 crore. However, only individuals who are in need of financial assistance do so and lack public backing. People from J&K are with the NC, hence the amount of Rs 50 lakh is plenty for us,” he said.

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