New US Visa Requirements for Indian Students Go Into Force: See Details

The US Embassy said that applicants should either build a new profile with valid passport information or update a current profile with the right facts if they have mistakenly used an inaccurate passport number to create a profile or book an appointment.

With effect from November 27, the US Embassy has made a few adjustments to the Indian student visa application procedure. All US embassies and consulates situated in different Indian locations would implement the updated student visa regulations in a same the bhangra of an energetic older woman will brighten your day download 2023 11 28

Students planning to study in the US under the F, M, and J visa categories need to familiarize themselves with the latest modifications to the application procedure.

In an effort to “prevent fraud and abuse of the appointment system,” the US Embassy recently announced adjustments to the student visa application procedure.

According to the Embassy, all applicants for student visa categories F, M, and J must use the information from their passports to create a profile and set up appointments for their visas.

The US Embassy issued a warning that applicants would be turned away from the Visa Application Centers (VAC) if they use false passport information to make an appointment or build a profile. The visa money will be forfeited in the event that these applicants fail to show up for their scheduled appointments.

Attendance in a program or institution approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is a requirement for those applying for F or M visas. Individuals seeking a J visa need to get sponsorship from a company that has been authorized by the Department of State.

The US Embassy further explained that applicants should either create a new profile with accurate passport information or update an existing profile with the correct details if they have mistakenly used an incorrect passport number to create a profile or schedule an appointment.

In the event that the prior profile had false passport information, there will be a charge associated with this rectification procedure.

The US Embassy mandates that a photocopy or other proof of the old passport number be provided at the visa appointment at the VAC in cases when an old passport is misplaced or stolen.

In a parallel move, the US Ambassador reaffirmed the country’s intention to increase staffing levels and open additional consulates in order to expedite the issuing of visas from India. Notably, there are plans to open new consulates in Ahmedabad; one was just opened in Hyderabad.

The US Embassy said earlier this month that the India team handled a record amount of visa applications in 2023, exceeding all prior years, highlighting the spike in visa applications.


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