Nithari murders: CBI is preparing to petition the Supreme Court to overturn Pandher and Koli’s acquittal by the Allahabad High Court

October 17, 2023 is when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will contest the Allahabad High Court’s ruling exonerating Surendra Koli and his former boss Moninder Singh Pandher from the notorious 2006 Nithari murders case.

The Allahabad High Court found Koli and Pandher not guilty, citing insufficient evidence to support the prosecution’s claims. The ruling by this High Court was made almost 17 years after human remains were found in a sewer outside of Pandher’s house in Nithari village, Noida. In 2007 the case was taken up by the CBI.

The CBI made the decision to appeal the acquittals in the Supreme Court after reviewing the case and consulting with legal counsel, according to The Indian Express. Twelve of the instances saw Koli exonerated, while two included Pandher. In 2009, they were both originally given the death penalty for rape and murder.

“It was an enormous task to get all of the certified documents from the Ghaziabad Court. We have enlisted the services of an organization to translate the Hindi papers into English. before the next days, we want to contest their acquittal before the Supreme Court,” an insider informed The Indian Express.

In 2023, the investigators faced criticism from the High Court due to their faulty investigation and inability to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The CBI now plans to file a Supreme Court appeal against these acquittals.

Pandher’s domestic worker, Surendra Koli, who lived in his house and worked for him, was exonerated in 12 counts pertaining to the 2006 deaths, while Pandher was found not guilty in two cases against him. A CBI court in Ghaziabad first condemned them to death in 2009 on accusations of rape, murder, and destroying evidence. In ten instances, Koli was the only defendant; in the other two, she was co-accused with Pandher.

The court voiced its displeasure with the probe in its decision, noting that it was badly handled and that basic standards for gathering evidence were flagrantly broken. The judges said that the inquiry had chosen a simpler path by unjustly accusing a helpless domestic worker while leaving out more important details, such the possibility of organized crime activity such as organ trafficking.

infamous Nithari murders in 2006
The shocking sequence of grisly murders that occurred in 2006 in the Delhi neighborhood of Noida horrified the country. The majority of the crimes took place in Noida’s Nithari hamlet, where many young women and children went missing before being horribly killed.

A businessman named Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic assistant, Surendra Koli, were the primary suspects in these horrible atrocities. Human remains, including skulls, skeletal bones, and pieces of missing girls’ clothes, were found packed in gunny bags close to Pandher’s Nithari home. It was thought that the victims were murdered after being seduced with promises of work or other chances.

The local Uttar Pradesh Police gave over control of the inquiry to the Central Bureau of inquiry (CBI) in 2007. The severity of the crimes and the length of time they occurred made the case very well-known.

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