No monarch can use coercion to keep his seat: Rajinder Rana, a Himachal Pradesh Congress dissident

Rajinder Rana, a dissident from the Himachal Pradesh Congress, said on Monday that no emperor can be saved from his seat by coercion. This statement came a day after the father of another rebel and an Independent MLA was charged with “electoral offenses” pertaining to the recent Rajya Sabha elections.

Following a complaint by Congress lawmakers Sanjay Avasthi and Bhuvneshwar Gaur, the case was brought against Ashish Sharma, the Independent MLA of Hamirpur, the father of Gagret’s now-disqualified MLA Chetanya Sharma, and other individuals.

In the most recent Rajya Sabha elections, Ashish and Chetanya were two of the six Congress dissidents and three Independents that voted in support of BJP candidate Harsh Mahajan.

“Cowardly attacks from behind do not win battles. True fighters engage in front-line combat… In an apparent jab at Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu without naming him, Rana said on Facebook on Monday, “No’shahenshah’ can save his chair through intimidation and registration of false cases.”

“Those who register cases and those who get them registered will also be considered over time. “Is this a change in the system, stopping MLAs’ business and letting friends plunder?” he asked.

The complaint was submitted by Congress lawmakers Sanjay Avasthi and Bhuvneshwar Gaur, who asked for a probe into “electoral offences,” bribery, and criminal conspiracy across the whole chain of events that led up to the February 27 Rajya Sabha elections. They claimed “horse trading and misuse of money to influence the elections” .

The disqualified MLAs reacted sharply to the news.

Rana stated on Sunday that “the chief minister should be prepared to face the consequences with this attitude.” The chief minister is misguided and these pressure methods will not work if he believes he can win people over by filing fake complaints.”

Six rebel members of the Congress party, namely Sudhir Sharma, Ravi Thakur, Rajinder Rana, Inder Dutt Lakhanpal, Chetanya Sharma, and Devinder Kumar, were excluded from the House for their defiance of a whip in order to vote in favor of the government on the cut motion and budget. They appealed their exclusion to the Supreme Court.

Three Independent MLAs, Ashish Sharma, Hoshiyar Singh, and KL Thakur, voted for the BJP in the Rajya Sabha elections.

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