‘Ocean Ring of Yoga’ To Be Created By Indian Navy On International Day of Yoga

The Indian Navy will organise a “Ocean Ring of Yoga” on Wednesday to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. Under this initiative, navy ships stationed in the Indian Ocean will go to different ports in friendly foreign nations to share the message of this year’s yoga day theme, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.

According to the Navy, yoga classes are planned in the majority of the foreign ports that the ships will stop at. Naval ships Kiltan, Chennai, Shivalik, Sunayna, Trishul, Tarkash, Vagir, Sumitra, and Brahmaputra are scheduled to make port calls at Chattogram in Bangladesh, Safaga in Egypt, Jakarta in Indonesia, Mombasa in Kenya, Toamasina in Madagascar, Muscat in Oman, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Phuket in Thailand, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Nearly 3,500 navy troops on 19 Indian Navy ships have journeyed more than 35,000 miles as yoga ambassadors in both domestic and foreign seas as part of the IDY 23 Ocean Ring of Yoga, according to a statement from the Navy. More than 2,400 people are included in this, who are working aboard 11 navy ships in foreign ports or international waterways.

Along with India’s abroad missions, IDY festivities are also scheduled on board ships of various other navies, involving more than 1,200 members of those navies.

The “Common Yoga Protocol” (CYP) will be the main emphasis of the Indian Navy ships’ operations when they dock in other ports, according to a release. Both the ship’s crew and local staff would be involved.

Activities for Yoga Day have already started at all navy ports, bases, ships, and installations. According to the Indian Navy, “Har Angaan Yoga” and other yoga awareness initiatives are being made sure to promote as much involvement from naval troops, defence civilians, and families as possible.

In addition, the Navy is holding lectures on the “Health Benefits of Yoga” as well as large-scale camps and workshops. The International Day of Yoga (IDY), proposed by India and supported by a significant number of nations, was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on June 21. IDY #1 was celebrated on June 21, 2015.

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