Odisha’s mafia is in control of every industry, but PM Modi vows the BJP will end it

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed a torrent of criticism at the BJD government, headed by Naveen Patnaik, charging it of stalling the state’s advancement and ruining Odisha’s economy during the previous 25 years.


Speaking at consecutive election rallies in Angul and Cuttack, Modi unleashed a scathing assault on the Chief Minister and a group of aides who were around him.

“After 25 years of faith, the whole state of Odisha is considering the benefits BJD has provided for you. A better life is still a struggle for farmers, young people, and adivasis, he remarked.

Modi spent a lot of time discussing state matters and calling attention to the BJD government’s many failings. The prime minister said, “A mafia in the state is controlling all sectors – be it land, sand, coal, or mining,” without naming any specific companies. Few people will get any government contracts because the mafia forbids competition. We are going to shatter this mafia’s spine once the BJP takes over in Odisha. He stated, “Modi will spare no effort.”

The Prime Minister addressed the assembly by posing the question, “Who wrecked Odisha? Who ruined young people’s futures? Who crushed the farmers’ dreams?

Modi blamed the BJD administration for this, claiming that a few dishonest individuals had taken control of the chief minister’s house and office.

Mafia is in charge of every industry in Odisha; BJP will end it: Modi

Even minor BJD politicians now own large bunglows and are considered crorepatis. “Seeing the poverty and suffering of people in Odisha, a state rich in natural resources, hurts me. People were unable to profit from the mineral riches because of the BJD.

The PM said that while Odisha received `26,000 crore in DMF money as a result of the mining sector reforms started by the Centre, little progress has been seen in areas that are rich in minerals since the state government has misused the funds for political purposes. The PM said that the BJP administration will consider every penny that the BJD spends.

Modi said that it has been six years since the keys to the Ratna Bhandar of the Shree Jagannath Temple vanished, saying that the rich culture, heritage, and mineral riches are not secure in the hands of BJD. There are rumors that Tamil Nadu has received the Ratna Bhandar keys. Will you pardon those who gave the keys to Tennessee? The truth about the lost Ratna Bhandar keys would come to light if the BJP takes power in Odisha, and those responsible will not get away with it, Modi said.

He took a harsh stance against the state administration for failing to address the flooding issues in Cuttack, the state’s cultural hub. Rivers ring the city, but its citizens still struggle with access to clean drinking water, he said.

“You are already aware of the outcomes since you have dedicated 25 years to the BJD. When it comes to development, Odisha’s next twenty-five years are crucial. The PM said that if a double-engine administration is formed, development will proceed at an unparalleled rate.

He was accompanied in Angul by Dharmendra Pradhan, a Union Minister and the party’s nominee for the Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat, and Rudra Narayan Pany, the nominee for Dhenkanal.

Modi asked supporters in Cuttack to cast ballots for all Assembly segment candidates as well as the party’s nominee for the Lok Sabha, Bhartruhari Mahtab.

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