Off the coast of Gujarat, a Pakistani boat carrying narcotics worth Rs 480 crore was found

Based on intelligence reports, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) intercepted a Pakistani boat carrying six people and drugs valued at Rs 480 crore during a nocturnal operation.

The vessel was seized around 350 kilometers away from Porbandar in the Arabian Sea during a well-coordinated operation involving Dornier planes and ICG ships. The collaborative operation included the Guajrat Anti-Terrorism Squad and the Narcotics Control Bureau.

On Monday, the Indian Coast Guard placed their ships strategically in the Arabian Sea based on precise information input from several sources. In order to find the boat in plausible places, ICG also gave its Dornier aircraft a duty to search. The boat was moving strangely in the dark when the ICG ships, along by teams from NCB and ATS Gujarat, arrived at the scene and definitely identified it after a thorough investigation of the region. The boat began to maneuver evasively when it was challenged, but it was skillfully pursued and made to halt. After a team arrived and conducted a thorough search, a stockpile of narcotics weighing 80 kg and valued at Rs 480 crore was found.

The crew and boat have been captured, and they are being sent to Porbandar for further examination. In the last three years, ICG, ATS Gujarat, and NCB have apprehended 10 people, totaling 517 kg of drugs valued at Rs 3,135 crore.

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