On camera: A 53-wagon goods train traveling more than 70 kilometers from J&K to Punjab without a driver

Without its drivers, a freight train on Sunday traveled more than 70 kilometers from the Jammu and Kashmir station to a hamlet in the Hoshiarpur area of Punjab. The cargo train pulled by a diesel engine reached a high speed of around 100 km/h before being brought to a halt with the help of sandbags close to the Unchi Bassi railway station in Punjab.

The 53-wagon train was leaving Jammu for Punjab, laden with chip stones. The train is shown going through a stop quickly in a video that has appeared online.

A Northern Railways spokeswoman said, using preliminary information, that the train seemed to have started rolling down a sloping grade track on the Jammu-Jalandhar line after stopping at the Kathua railway station in Jammu for a driver change.

The train began traveling on a hill towards Pathankot after the driver apparently went elsewhere without placing a hand brake.

According to the authorities, neither the loco pilot nor the deputy loco pilot was on board the freight train at the time.

They said that there have been no reports of casualties or property damage, and that an investigation into the event, which occurred between 7.25 and 9 a.m., has been requested.

“An investigation has been launched to determine the precise reason for the event. According to Prateek Srivastava, Divisional Traffic Manager, Jammu, the train seemed to have begun rolling down the slope grade towards Punjab without the driver or his helper, according to news agency PTI.

He said that after traveling more than 70 kilometers, the train came to a stop close to Unchi Bassi because of a sharp incline. With sandbags to help, it was effectively stopped.

According to the spokeswoman, an extensive inquiry is now ongoing and it is under examination whether the train had been “secured” appropriately at Kathua on the down grade.

According to Government Railway Police (Jalandhar) Sub-Inspector Ashok Kumar, all rail-road crossings on the Jalandhar-Pathankot stretch were guarded, and staff members and authorities were placed on watch along the route.

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