On election day, PM’s brother Somabhai Modi becomes emotional and remembers his mother

Somabhai Modi, the eldest brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, broke down in tears on Tuesday as he paid tribute to his late mother Hiraba and said that their mother will be bestowing blessings on the PM from above. According to Somabhai Modi, he shares the public’s desire for his brother to hold the position of prime minister for the third time.

Before going here to cast his ballot, PM Modi used to visit his mother at her home in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and ask for her blessings. December 2022 marked Hiraba’s death.

“My mom has passed away. However, she must be bestowing her blessings onto Narendrabhai from heaven at this very moment, sobbed Somabhai at the voting place in the Ranip neighborhood of this Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, where Prime Minister Modi cast his morning ballot. PM Narendra Modi and Somabhai Modi met outside the Ranip polling station.

He stated they asked each other how the other was doing and how healthy they were. “After this election, I want Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister for a third time, just like the people in this area,” he said.

Additionally, he urged the populace to use their right to vote, seize this chance, and choose the appropriate candidate and party.

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