Parveen Shaikh, the principal of Somiaya School, was fired for posting social media content on Gaza

Parveen Shaikh, the principal of Vidyavihar’s Somiaya School, was fired on Tuesday, not long after she became involved in a scandal about comments she made on social media regarding the situation in Gaza and domestic politics.

Shaikh’s services were terminated because, according to a statement from the school’s management trust, her conduct on social media was “starkly misaligned with the values” of the trust.

In order to preserve our culture of harmony and tolerance, the school administration said, “Given the seriousness of these concerns and after careful consideration, the management has discontinued Ms. Parveen Shaikh’s association with Somaiya Vidyavihar.”

In her comments and actions on social media, Shaikh reportedly backed Palestine, according to a previous OpIndia post. However, the principle said that until the school administration brought the complaint to her attention, she was unaware of it. She went on to say that the newspaper had not contacted her before.

Following the uproar produced by the OpIndia report, the Somaiya Trust admitted the problem and said they were unaware of the thoughts expressed until they received notification. The trust continued by stating that it disagrees with Shaikh’s social media approach.

In their statement, the trust made it apparent that although they deeply support freedom of speech, they also recognize its boundaries and that it should be used sensibly and with regard for others.

Shaikh expressed her displeasure and said she was “shocked to know the news of her termination from social media even before receiving it from the management,” according to The Indian Express. She went on to say that the notice of termination was based solely on false accusations against her and was completely illegal.

Parveen Shaikh’s resignation as principal was first sought by the school administration on April 26. Still, Shaikh refused to resign from his position after a twelve-year association with the Vidyavihar establishment. She was hired as the principal seven years ago.

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