PM Modi and the Sikh community have a solid connection, according to American Sikh leader

According to a well-known Indian American leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a great rapport with the Sikh community. He also noted that India’s free and fair general elections demonstrate the strength and vitality of the nation’s democratic system.

Leader of Sikhs for America Jasdeep Singh Jassee said that the Western media’s portrayal that casts doubt on India’s democratic traditions is far from accurate.

“Observe the situation in the United States… Donald Trump, the opposition candidate and former president, is being taken to court and is not permitted to speak during his campaign. In contrast, India’s democracy is thriving and operating quite well, according to Singh, who also noted that India has led by example in holding free and fair elections.

Later this month, Singh is going to India to back Amritsar-based BJP candidate Taranjit Singh Sandhu, a former Indian ambassador to the US.

According to Singh, there is a growing sentiment in the country favoring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and throughout his ten years in office, India has experienced extraordinary growth and accomplishments.

“Given his vision for a developed world, developmental agenda, and track record, I am confident that he will be re-elected for a third consecutive term,” the speaker said.

According to him, the Punjabi community living abroad was thrilled with Sandhu’s candidacy and was looking forward to collaborating with the former ambassador to elevate Amritsar to a global metropolis in the near future.

He said that Amritsar has the capacity to serve as the global center for cultural, religious, and economic advancement. The city has been ignored by many political officials. According to Singh, the Punjabi American community thinks that Amritsar is about to enter a golden age because to Sandhu.

Already, a group of Indian Americans has declared plans to invest $100 million in the city. According to Singh, who is heading a group of powerful Sikh Americans to support Sandhu in his elections, this is only the beginning and there will be more.

He praised Prime leader Modi for his efforts with the Sikh community, saying that it was unparalleled and that no other prime leader could equal it.

Singh affirmed that he is the Sikhs’ closest friend and expressed the hope that, in his third term, he would be able to handle the other issues as well for Punjab’s advancement. He stated, “Sikhs are very happy with him.”

In response to a query, Singh said that a gang conflict was the cause of the separatist Sikh leader Nijjar’s death in Canada last year.

Any evidence the Canadian government has against India must be made public. Canada hasn’t provided any evidence of it as of yet. According to him, the four individuals detained are allegedly Indian citizens who were granted a visa by the Canadian government while residing in Canada. However, the Canadian government disregarded the individuals’ criminal histories, if any, back home.

Following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claims in September of last year about the “potential” participation of Indian operatives in Nijjar’s death, relations between India and Canada were severely strained.

Trudeau’s accusations were brushed off by India as “absurd” and “motivated.” Nijjar was a separatist from Khalistan who was sought in India on a number of terror-related accusations.

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