PM Modi: Bindeshwar Pathak’s Death Is A Great Loss For The Country

Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of Sulabh International, received heartfelt condolences from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, calling his passing a great loss for the country.

The PM remarked of Pathak, “He was a visionary who worked extensively for societal progress and empowering the downtrodden,” saying that Pathak’s goal was to create a cleaner India. pm modi bindeshwar pathaks death is a great loss for the country images

According to Modi, Pathak gave the Swachh Bharat Mission immeasurable assistance, and his enthusiasm for cleanliness was always evident in their interactions.


Many individuals will be inspired by his work in the future. My sincere sympathies are extended to his family and close friends at this trying time. He said, “Om Shanti.


Pathak, a pioneer in the construction of public restrooms, passed away on Tuesday after a heart attack at AIIMS Delhi.


The 80-year-old was the founder of Sulabh International, an organization that provides social services and strives to advance human rights, environmental cleanliness, waste management, and changes through education. Sulabh International is situated in India.


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