PM Modi clarifies his comment on the infiltrator: “People of the Country Will Vote for Me; Won’t Do Politics in Name of Hindus and Muslims”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he will not play religion politics and that his previous comments about the Congress supposedly favouring those with more children were not directed against minority groups.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he was astonished when asked about his recent comments about “infiltrators” and having additional children after submitting his candidacy.

Who informed you that Muslims are known to have a higher birth rate? Why are Muslims being treated unfairly? This is a problem among low-income households. Their children cannot be sent to school. Religion aside, families in poverty tend to have more children. I never mentioned Muslims or Hindus.”

He said, “The people of the country will vote for me,” to the issue of whether Muslims would back him. “I neither said Hindu nor Muslim…” he continued. The day I begin to engage in Hindu or Muslim politics, I will no longer be allowed to be in the public eye. This is the major reason why we should not be Hindu or Muslim. I regard everyone equally. “Muslims are not the main Hindu population. I shall not engage in politics in the name of Muslims or Hindus. Ye mera sankalp hai. This is my determination,” he said.

After Modi made statements during an election rally accusing the Congress of wanting to give the people’s hard-earned money and assets to “infiltrators” and families with more children, the opposition criticized him.

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