PM Modi gifts seven development projects, says - Bihar's major contribution in nation building

PM Modi gifts seven development projects, says - Bihar's major contribution in nation building

Patna. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated seven important projects related to urban infrastructure in Bihar on Tuesday. During this, he said that I congratulate you very much for the new projects started today to make life easier for the urban poor, middle class people living in cities. 

He said that in addition to this, the foundation stone of water supply projects to overcome water shortage in Munger and Jamalpur and the Tahar River Front Development Scheme of Namami Gange in Muzaffarpur has also been laid today. The Prime Minister said that the four schemes which are inaugurated today include the sewer treatment plants at Beur and Karamlich in Patna city, as well as projects related to water in Siwan and Chhapra under Amrit Yojana.

Bihar's major contribution in nation building

Prime Minister Modi said that Bihar also has a big contribution in the work of nation building. Bihar gives millions of engineers who have given new heights to the development of the country. The land of Bihar is synonymous with invention and innovation. He said that Bihar is the land of historical cities. The cities have had a rich heritage here for thousands of years. Economic, cultural and politically rich and prosperous cities developed around the Ganges Valley in ancient India. 

He said that there was a period when the priorities and commitments changed completely, instead of building basic facilities in Bihar, instead of providing modern facilities to the people of the state. As a result, the focus shifted away from governance in the state.

The Prime Minister said that when selfishness prevails over governance, the votebank system starts to suppress the system, then the most impact is on the section of society which is oppressed, deprived and exploited. People of Bihar have endured this pain for decades. Referring to the achievements of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he said that for the past one and a half decades, Nitish ji, Sushil ji and his team have been trying to bring back the confidence of the most vulnerable section of the society. Just as the education of daughters, participation of underprivileged, exploited society has been given priority in the local body including Panchayati Raj. 

Improvement in basic facilities

In his address, Prime Minister Modi further said that now the basic efforts like drinking water and sewer are constantly improving in the cities of Bihar due to the joint efforts of the Central and Bihar Government . Under Mission Amrit and State Government schemes, lakhs of families have been connected to water facilities in the urban area of ​​Bihar.

More than 2 crore water connections given across the country

Counting the achievements of the government, the Prime Minister said that in the last 1 year more than 2 crore water connections have been given to the entire country under the Water Life Mission. Today, more than 1 lakh houses are being connected through pipes to new connections of water every day. He further said that urbanization is the truth of today. But for many decades we had a mindset, we had assumed that urbanization is a problem in itself, a hindrance. But I do not believe so. If there is a problem, then there is an opportunity. 

He said that the people of Bihar have a very deep connection with Ganga ji. Cleanliness of Ganga water has a direct effect on crores of people. Keeping in view the cleanliness of Ganga ji, projects worth more than Rs 6 thousand crore have been approved in Bihar. He further said that as the campaign to make Ganga ji serene and uninterrupted continues to progress, in the same way modern dimensions of tourism are being added to it. Construction of more than 180 ghats is going on in the entire country including Bihar. Out of this, 130 ghats have also been completed.

The Prime Minister said that with the blessings of Sixth Maiya, we will continue to work hard to get rid of urban and rural areas of Bihar, dirty water and disease-causing water.  

Of the projects that the Prime Minister has laid the foundation for through video conference, four projects are related to water supply, two to water sewage treatment plants and one project to river front development. A statement issued from the Prime Minister's Office said, "The cost of all these projects is 541 crores. All the projects are being implemented by Budco under the Urban Development and Housing Department of Bihar.