PM Modi: India bloc afraid of Pakistan, unable to maintain national security

In a blistering attack on the opposition on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to its leaders as “cowards who are scared of Pakistan’s nuclear power.”

Speaking at three rallies in the Lok Sabha seats of Saran, Muzaffarpur, and Hajipur in Bihar, Modi cited remarks made recently by Farooq Abdullah, the leader of the National Conference, asserting that Pakistan was not “wearing bangles and it has an atom bomb.”

The leaders of the India alliance seem to be terrified by Pakistan and plagued by nightmares about its nuclear weapons. We will force Pakistan to wear bangles if it has not already. I was aware that they lacked foodgrain. The PM said, “I now also learned that they don’t even have a sufficient supply of bangles.”

A few of them are absolving Pakistan of any responsibility for the Mumbai attacks. Surgical strikes are being questioned by some. The left wants India’s nuclear weapons to be eliminated. Can such self-centered individuals make difficult choices that affect national security? Can these parties create a powerful India? He said, “We have to examine the opposition closely since it seems to be composed mostly of cowards and timid individuals.

He restated the accusation that political parties such as the Congress and RJD will provide Muslim voters reservations. “The RJD-Congress’s most powerful political tool is appeasement, and their focus is their voter base, not you. Lalu Prasad has said that Muslims need to have complete reservations. I promise you that no one can take your reservation away from you as long as I live, even if they (the RJD-Cong) don’t care about the Constitution or Baba Saheb Ambedkar,” Modi said.

He claimed that the number of MPs from respectable sectors in the BJP-led NDA was greatest. “This is known as’sabka saath, sabka vikas,’ and we made sons and daughters from the Dalit community Presidents of India,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PM praised Chirag Paswan, the head of the LJP. He said that Chirag was unknown to him other than as Ram Vilas Paswan’s son when he initially arrived in Parliament. “Even though Chirag is the son of Ram Vilasji, I didn’t see any conceit in his actions. I commend his mother,” Modi said. He said that the RJD was planning kidnappings and industry devastation. He said, “The RJD has such a huge legacy of atrocities and crime.”

The prime minister said that the Indian bloc had devised a system that would provide each of its five leaders a year as prime minister. “They see themselves creating the Center’s government. The “one-year-one-PM formula” is the proposed system of government. Everyone is aware that this is not how the nation can run.

He argued that the nation’s impoverished owned the money that was found during raids on politicians. “The Enforcement Department barely confiscated Rs 35 lakh under the Congress regime—enough money to fit in a schoolbag. The agency has collected Rs 2,200 crore since we took charge, meaning that 70 small trucks will need to be moved, he said.

In contrast to his rivals who were focused on elevating their children, the PM said, “I have no ‘waaris’ (successor).” I will solely seek to improve the lives of regular people.

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