PM Narendra Modi: “If I Start Doing Hindu-Muslim, I Won’t Be Fit For Public Life.”

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if he begins to play the Hindu-Muslim card, he will no longer be suitable for public office. While in Varanasi to present his candidacy for the Lok Sabha in 2024, PM Modi said in an exclusive interview with News18 that he was adamant about not doing Hindu-Muslim. As the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Varanasi for the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi submitted his candidacy. On June 1, Varanasi will participate in the sixth round of voting.

In response to a question on whether Muslims would support him in this election, the prime minister said, “I think the people of this country will support me.” I won’t be able to live in public life the day I convert to Hinduism. I am determined not to allow the Hindu-Muslim division to exist.

The Prime Minister went on to provide an example of how he will treat every citizen of the nation equally, regardless of caste or religion. “When I speak about saturation and 100% delivery, I mean a home. This implies that if a hamlet has 200 homes and 60 lakh Indians live in those 200 dwellings, then those 60 lakh individuals should get the assistance that the government is providing, regardless of the society, caste, or religion of the residents. Furthermore, what I mean by “100% saturation” is actual social fairness. That’s genuine secularism. Corruption is thus not a possibility. You will definitely get it, even if it arrives on Monday, PM Modi said.

I’m astonished, the Prime Minister stated in response to a question about why he criticized Muslims for “having more children.” When I speak about people having too many children, why do people think I’m talking about Muslims? This problem also affects low-income Hindu households. They are unable to provide their children with a suitable education. I have not mentioned any Muslims or Hindus. I’ve merely appealed to you to take care of as many children as you can.

“Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” is my motto. I’m not employed with Vote Bank. The PM said, “I’ll say something is wrong if it is.”

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