Police continue to pursue Bhai Nazeer, the thug

Bhai Nazeer, a gangster from Kochi, was charged with a crime during a raid at a homestay on Old Kathrikadavu Road in the city where illicit operations were being conducted. As a result, the police began looking for him. Eight people were taken into custody by the police, including Nazeer’s assistants who were in charge of the homestay.

Nazeer was arraigned as the ninth accused in the case, according to the police. His close friend was the tenth defendant to be charged. “Based on the information gathered during the investigation, we have determined that Bhai Nazeer had a direct connection to the homestay where drug abuse and prostitution took place. Additionally, we have phone call records that show Nazeer and homestay operators had frequent communication. The first accused was Nazeer’s assistant, Sajimon of Thiruvananthapuram, who was operating the guesthouse illegally. As Nazeer and his accomplice flee, we are attempting to track them down,” an officer from the Ernakulam North police station said.

About 20 years ago, Nazeer, a headload laborer in the Nettoor region, entered the criminal world. Nazeer and his cronies are now active in the Edappally, Vattekunnam, and Kalamassery regions due to their rivalry with the AAA gang led by Maradu Aneesh. Despite being charged with over 15 crimes, including extortion, kidnapping, murder attempts, and theft, the court released him from most of these instances. “We are asking his gang members questions in an effort to learn more about him. He cannot stay underground for very long since he is receiving treatment for a renal condition, according to a police officer.

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