Police in Tamil Nadu detain two guys for beating a transgender lady

Two men have been detained by the Tamil Nadu police for assaulting a transgender employee of a software business on the grounds that they thought she was a kidnapper of children. The trans lady didn’t register a report until Tuesday, even though the assault happened on Sunday. Five additional suspects are wanted by the police.

The lady was shown screaming and being thrashed while being tied to a flagpole in a video taken at the scene of the event. The accused reported to the police that she was acting strangely and hiding her head and face. The victim informed the police that she was going back to her Chennai house, Pammal. A police officer said, “Some people heard her screams, untied her, and rescued her.”

According to the police, similar incidents of individuals assaulting persons they thought were kidnappers of children have occurred in Chrompet, on the outskirts of the city. There are no child kidnappers in the area, according to a recent circular from the municipal police.

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