President Murmu refuses to sign laws, one of which seeks to remove the governor of Kerala from his position as Chancellor

According to information released by the Kerala Raj Bhavan on Thursday, the President of India has delayed his assent to three university measures that the state legislature enacted, one of which sought to remove the Governor from the position of Chancellor of state institutions.

The Raj Bhavan emphasized that only the Kerala Lok Ayukta Amendment Bill has received presidential approval. The act restricts the watchdog’s ability to combat corruption.

In November of last year, Governor Arif Mohammed Khan sent a total of seven bills to the President for review. We are awaiting word on the other three bills.

University of Kerala Laws [Amendment No. 2] [Removing the Governor from the role of University Chancellor] The purpose of Bill, 2022 was to remove the Governor from the position of university chancellor.

The law will give the government the authority to name academics, or “persons of eminence,” as university chancellors in a variety of subject areas. A five-member panel would replace the current three-member search committee under the University Law Amendment Bill, 2022 [Expansion of Search Committee for the Appointment of Vice Chancellor].

A nomination from the state higher education council and the government will be included in addition to the university and the Chancellor’s nominees. By doing this, the government would be guaranteed more influence over the selecting process.

The third law that has not received the president’s approval is the University Law Amendment law, 2021 [Appellate Tribunal problem and other adjustments to Technological University and others].

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