Prime Minister Modi asks to show unity with Iranians and expresses worry

Reports of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter accident in the region of East Azerbaijan have gravely alarmed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also expressed sympathy with the Iranian people. He posted on X late on Sunday, expressing sympathy with the Iranian people in their hour of anguish and wishing for the president and his entourage’s safety amid concerns that Raisi may not have survived the collision.

The last time Modi and Raisi had a meeting was in August 2023, at the Brics conference in Johannesburg. The two presidents had spoken about how to improve their two-way collaboration in a number of areas, including as energy, connectivity, commerce and investment, and counterterrorism. Iran had joined the alliance during that conference, along with five other nations. Raisi had praised Modi for India’s backing of Iran’s participation in the Brics and complimented him on the accomplishments of the Chandrayaan mission.

In January, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar visited Iran for meetings with his colleague Amir Abdollahian, who was also traveling in the same helicopter as Raisi, in keeping with the continuous high-level interactions that supported India’s carefully calibrated stance toward the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Raisi had also been hoping to boost relations with India about the port of Chabahar. In order to realize the full potential of the Chabahar port as a center for connectivity, he and Modi intended to fortify their partnership. In addition to prioritizing connectivity measures, India and Iran have recently endeavored to intensify political collaboration and foster robust interpersonal relationships.

They had agreed to expedite infrastructure cooperation, notably the Chabahar project, at their August summit. The two also discussed current events in the area, such as Afghanistan, where both nations are attempting to guarantee that the Taliban don’t let terrorist organizations to attack any nation. In November, Raisi and Modi talked over the phone once again to stress the need of an urgent ceasefire in Gaza.

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