Priyanka Gandhi Vadra challenges the Assam Accord and criticizes the CAA

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was announced by the BJP-led Central Government on Tuesday, and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra denounced the move, claiming it went against the Assam Accord.

We signed the Assam Accord, which addressed popular concerns and guaranteed peace in Assam, while my father, Rajiv Gandhi, was prime minister. She said, “But the BJP government is implementing the CAA now, which is against the Accord,” when she participated in a road show in favor of Gaurav Gogoi, the Congress party’s Jorhat candidate.

With Gogoi and APCC chairman Bhupen Bora at his sides, the Congressman pleaded with voters to reject the CAA’s implementation. She urged voters to cast their ballots on matters like jobs and peace, not along racial or religious lines.

“Make it abundantly evident to the nation that the people of Assam are unified in their opposition to the CAA. Priyanka said, “Vote for Gaurav Gogoi, the Congress candidate. He will pay attention to your issues and resolve them.

The congresswoman traveled to Titabor to conduct the road show after arriving at Jorhat airport this morning. Titabor is an important part of the Jorhat Lok Sabha constituency and the home electoral ground of former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.

“The North Eastern states boast a distinctive cultural tapestry, yet the policies of the BJP government seem poised to dismantle that identity,” Gandhi wrote on X. In addition, the people are greatly burdened by unemployment and inflation. The young are the cornerstone of our country’s future, and the five assurances provided by Congress offer them both relief and strengthening.

Priyanka claimed that if the opposition coalition INDIA won the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, tea garden workers’ daily earnings will increase while doing a road show in favor of party candidate Gaurav Gogoi.

“I am informing you that if we form the government at the Center, our manifesto guarantees an increase in the wages of tea garden workers,” she said.

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