Putin commends Modi for his rigorous measures and calls him the “primary guarantor” of a stable partnership between Russia and India

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, showered Prime Minister Narendra Modi with admiration for his unwavering commitment to upholding India’s national interests in the face of criticism, saying that his policies are the “main guarantor” of the steadily improving bilateral relations.

Putin made his remarks at the gathering “Russia Calling!”

The Russian president said that he “cannot imagine that Modi could be frightened, intimidated or forced to take any actions, steps, decisions that would be at variance with the national interests of India and the Indian people” .

He said that all aspects of ties between Russia and India are improving.

Putin, who said on Friday that he will seek the presidency once again in 2024, stated that he believes antagonistic nations are putting pressure on Modi.

According to Putin, he and Modi never even brought up this topic, as the Russian News Agency TASS said.

“I just look at what is happening from the outside, and sometimes, frankly speaking, I am even surprised at his tough stance on defending the national interests of the Indian state,” the Russian leader said.

India has faced criticism from Western nations for choosing to follow its own path despite sanctions imposed by the West on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and for continuing to acquire cheap Russian crude oil.

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