Rahul Gandhi claims that the Congress would completely scrap the Agniveer plan in Haryana

May 22, Chandigarh Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, said on Wednesday that if the party wins power, the Agniveer plan would be completely scrapped.

“PM Narendra Modi has made the jawans of India like laborers,” Rahul Gandhi remarked, addressing a mass assembly in Mahendragarh, Haryana.The Agniveer plan is not what the Army wants. It’s a plan created by PMO. We’re going to completely scrap the plan once Congress takes office.

“They (the BJP) say there will be two types of martyrs: one normal jawan and officer, who will get a pension, martyr status, and all facilities, and on the other hand, a person from a poor family who has been named Agniveer,” he stated during his first electoral gathering in the state. Agniveers won’t get a pension, martyr status, or canteen privileges.

“The youth of Haryana feel proud to be selected for the Army,” he stated, charming the young people.

Taking up the cause of the farmers who were demonstrating, he said, “The country’s farmers work in the fields; the Modi government stole your rights and killed the Land Tribunal Bill to benefit the billionaires; then three (farm) laws were introduced, but the government had to back down.”

Rahul Gandhi claimed that 22 “arabpatis” (billionaires) had their debt of Rs. 16 lakh crore waived by the Modi administration.

“We will forgive farmers’ debt when we take office on June 4. Gandhi said, “We will bring a ‘karza maafi’ (debt waiver) commission regarding farm debt waiver.”

On May 25, elections will be held for ten Lok Sabha seats in the state.

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