Rahul Gandhi is being singled out by BJP President Nadda as someone who has no place in democracy

Rahul Gandhi is being singled out by BJP President Nadda as someone who has no place in democracy

On Sunday, BJP President J P Nadda charged Rahul Gandhi of exceeding the limits of democracy and demanded that he be expelled "lock, stock, and barrel." "with democratic principles.

"Those who don't support democracy don't belong in democracy, "Nadda made this statement in his online speech after the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, the youth arm of his party, opened its "National Youth Parliament" in Chennai.

Nadda said that Gandhi "instigated" foreign powers like the US and European nations to meddle in India's domestic affairs by asserting that they were "oblivious" to the fact that democracy was in danger in India. He also claimed that the Congress had become intellectually bankrupt.

"Rahul Gandhi has transcended the limits of democracy, "added he.

Nadda questioned what kinds of remarks he makes, claiming that Indians do not pay attention to him but rather tolerate him.

"Rahul Gandhi has asked other countries to meddle in our country in addition to insulting the nation with his despicable words regarding the democratic ideals of India, "the BJP leader said.

Gandhi, however, has asked for permission to appear in Parliament to address the criticism of his remarks in London from members of the governing party, which shows that the Congress has rejected the BJP's accusation.

According to the Congress, the BJP is "misrepresenting" "he made in order to draw attention away from the Adani problem.

Since the second phase of Parliament's budget debate began on March 13 and the BJP demanded Gandhi apologize, the debate has been a washout.

Rahul Gandhi said there was a "full-scale assault" on the Indian democracy during his encounters with people in the UK "on the legal framework of the nation. Gandhi's comments have sparked a political brawl in which the BJP accuses him of defaming India overseas and calling for foreign interference, while the Congress responds by pointing to occasions in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought up domestic issues while abroad.