Rahul Gandhi is criticized by a Union minister for being "born into a specific family"

Rahul Gandhi is criticized by a Union minister for being "born into a specific family"

Rahul Gandhi was criticized by Union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Wednesday and accused him of being ineligible for the Lok Sabha due to his "arrogance." Vaishnaw also said that the Congressman believes it is his "birthright" to control the nation since he was born into a certain family.

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified due to his haughtiness. He believes that it is his natural right to control this nation, and this is what is generating all of his cognitive dissonance, Vaishnaw stated during a news conference.

Rahul Gandhi "does the politics of entitlement," the Union minister said, and he questioned if Gandhi was above the law.

"Rahul Gandhi claims that the court erred when it made its ruling about the OBC community's insult. Rahul Gandhi believes that he is destined to rule this nation. He practices entitlement politics. He believes that since he was born into a certain family, it is now his birthright to control the nation. He views himself as superior to the judiciary, the Constitution, and the legislature "Vaishnaw said as reported by the news agency ANI.

"He believes that he is superior than the nation's institutions. Rahul Gandhi believes that no court can rule against him. He believes that because of his sense of entitlement and his involvement in politics, the Constitution's clause for disqualification should not apply to him "Minister of Union Railways added.

Vaishnaw slammed the Opposition for banding together to oppose the government over the Adani problem and Rahul Gandhi's disqualification, claiming that all of the "corrupt" had gathered on one platform.

In a similar assault on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that everyone who has a history of corruption has banded together to destroy the nation's fundamental institutions.

In retaliation for Modi's criticism of the Opposition over corruption, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge accused him of leading a "bhrashtachari bhagao abhiyan" (make the corrupt flee campaign) and demanded that he stop trying to change his image by portraying himself as an anti-corruption crusader.