Rahul Gandhi says PM Modi is a proponent of corruption

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the “champion of corruption” and that the electoral bond plan was the largest “extortion scheme” in history.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, Gandhi said that the BJP will only be able to get 150 seats in the Lok Sabha because of a strong undercurrent favoring the opposition India alliance.

Yadav predicted that the BJP will get a rousing send-off in the Lok Sabha elections and that the winds of change will begin to blow from Ghaziabad in western Uttar Pradesh to Ghazipur.

“We have to ensure that not a single vote is divided in the Lok Sabha polls,” Yadav said.

Gandhi criticized the now-scrapped electoral bonds, questioning why the Supreme Court overturned the program when the prime minister said it was introduced to increase openness in election spending.

“The largest extortion scheme in the world is the electoral bond scheme.” Indian businesspeople are fully aware of this. Gandhi said, “No matter how much the prime minister explains, it would not change the fact that the whole country is aware that the prime minister is the champion of corruption.

Gandhi responded to Modi’s criticism of his comments that the Congress would eradicate poverty quickly by saying that no one ever promised to do so, but we can work hard to achieve it.

In response to inquiries on his intention to run for Lok Sabha from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, the former head of the Congress stated he would follow the party’s decision.

According to him, the party’s Central Election Committee makes these choices.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress and the SP are competing together for the Lok Sabha seats. In politically significant Uttar Pradesh, which returns eighty-one members to the Lok Sabha, the Congress is vying for seventeen seats, while the SP and a few other allies are vying for the remaining sixty-three seats.

On April 19, the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections will start, and on June 4, the ballots will be counted.

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