Rahul Gandhi states the truth, hence the government seeks to disqualify him from the LS: Kharge

Rahul Gandhi states the truth, hence the government seeks to disqualify him from the LS: Kharge

Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the Congress, said on Thursday that the BJP-led government wants to exclude Rahul Gandhi from serving in the Lok Sabha because he tells the truth and exposes it.

Kharge made his comments after Gandhi was given a two-year prison term in a defamation case brought by BJP Legislator Purnesh Modi over Gandhi's claimed statement, "How come all the criminals have Modi as the common surname?" Gandhi's attorney, Babu Mangukiya, said the court also gave him bail and postponed the punishment for 30 days so that he could file an appeal with a higher court.

Speaking at the launch of a book on the late prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, Kharge claimed that while organizations like the Income Tax Department, the Vigilance Commission, the Enforcement Directorate, and the Central Bureau of Investigation have long been used to silence opposition leaders, "attempts are now being made by taking refuge under laws to silence everyone."

Gandhi's defamation lawsuit conviction, according to him, will be appealed to a higher court.

"They (the administration) want to remove him (from Lok Sabha). You want to get rid of the individual who speaks the truth and exposes you in this way. No one is sentenced to two years in prison for defamation; instead, they are usually given one year, six months, or a request for an apology; however, the provision for (disqualification) is two years, so they have fully utilized it "After launching the Shastri-focused book "Son of the Soil," Kharge said.

"You can silence 140 billion people by silence only one person. Do not believe that the Congress is defeated because of a two-year sentence; we will continue to fight. The Congress is still active and will be "said he.

The Congress president said that although Gandhi is being targeted, fugitives like Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi, who have left the nation with hundreds of millions of rupees, are not being punished or apprehended.

"Gandhi is penalized when he discusses it. I would want to know who should be punished. Gandhi is a member of the Lok Sabha, so why are ministers shouting "maafi maango, maafi maango" in the Rajya Sabha when we bring up concerns with fugitives there? "said Kharge.

He said that the administration wanted to prevent Parliament from doing business.

"Rahul Gandhi isn't in the Rajya Sabha, but you're so afraid of him that he keeps showing up in your nightmares. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress won't remain silent if Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps giving the nation's assets to his pals "said he.

"'Daro Mat' is the sole motto that can safeguard the nation's democracy. So, we must work together to preserve democracy "added said.

Kharge said in his comments at the book launch that opposition leaders are also not permitted to talk freely in Parliament and that the administration uses a number of tools to "trample" on them.

Kharge retaliated against Prime Minister Modi by saying that the latter should first tell BJP leader JP Nadda who controls the television.

Kharge remembered that the prime minister had made fun of him last month when speaking in Belagavi, Karnataka, by claiming that he was the Congress president just for show and that it was obvious to anyone who had the remote control.

Modi said, "I have a lot of regard for Mallikarjun Kharge, a native of this country and a legislator with almost 50 years of experience. He has made an effort to help as many individuals as he can. Nonetheless, I found it upsetting to see how Kharge, the party's president and a senior citizen, was handled at the Chhattisgarh Congress session." "While it was hot outside, Kharge did not have the good fortune to find an umbrella's shade. For a person who was standing next to him, "Modi said.

Kharge responded to Modi by claiming that the latter was donning a Gandhi cap and that Congressmen were protected by a "white canopy." Yet, he said, "our Modi ji is constantly standing behind a black umbrella, just as people engaged in dark crimes stand under black umbrellas."

The head of the Congress said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi often uses language unbecoming of his high position and claimed that Shastri never did.

Rahul Gandhi and the opposition are upset that we are exposing their wrongdoings and calling for a JPC, Kharge had said in a tweet in Hindi. "The Modi administration deploys police and the ED and levies charges on political utterances as a result of its political bankruptcy. At the higher court, we will appeal "said he.

Kharge criticized the BJP and said that an appeal will be filed in the case. He informed reporters that if someone points one finger towards someone else, four fingers are also pointing in their direction.

"We were aware that it was possible since the judges kept switching. Nonetheless, we have confidence in the legal system and will uphold the law." A person who receives a sentence of two years or more in jail is prohibited from running for office "from the date of such conviction" and is also prohibited for a further six years after completing their term, according to the Representation of the People Act.