Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw solicits opinions from passengers on the Shatabdi Express

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw solicits opinions from passengers on the Shatabdi Express

On Sunday, Ashwini Vaishnaw, the minister of railways, visited the New Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi Express and solicited input from passengers.

Vaishnaw tweeted, "Passengers input; boarded Ajmer Shatabdi from NDLS (New Delhi Railway Station)," along with a video of his interactions with passengers.

"Passengers have expressed satisfaction. They said that stations are clean, trains are on schedule, and carriages are cleaner than they were before, Vaishnaw told the news agency ANI.

He said that two actions will soon be performed on the route, stating, "First, speed will be increased on this route by making specific adjustments to the track. Second, after trials and testing, pantograph trains (Vande Bharat) will shortly operate between Delhi and Jaipur.

The minister could be seen in the 30-second video asking two passengers whether the train's restrooms are always clean. He is then seen discussing upcoming modifications to the train with authorities.
Numerous people complained in the comments section about the "unhygienic" bathrooms and the subpar food served on trains and at railroad stops. Moreover, complaints regarding late trains on several lines were made.

The minister's idea to get real-time input from passengers while riding the train was praised by several Twitter users.

"All technical issues may be fixed if all the ministers start working like accepting input directly and carrying out reformatory steps, like you. gaining the favor of others and goodwill. Keep it up, sir," a person said.

"It is a huge honor and source of pride for India to have a technically proficient and successful leader like you sir," said another. The fact that the departments you manage are developing is evidence of your dedication to your job. Godspeed to both India and you.

"I'm glad we have a visionary leader like you as our minister of transportation. We still have a lot of work to do, but process-driven, timely actions will help us rank among the world's greatest railroads, according to another.