Rain in Dubai Disrupts Flights of IndiGo and Air India: Complete Details Inside

Due to floods caused by heavy rain, there were significant interruptions to flights from major airlines such as IndiGo and Air India at Dubai International Airport.

One of the busiest airports in the world had to reroute arrivals, which resulted in delays and cancellations.

Emirates Airlines halted check-in from 8 a.m. till midnight because of weather-related operational difficulties. According to Moneycontrol, IndiGo used social media to notify customers of flight delays. Several flights to Dubai were canceled.

On social media, travelers vented about their terrible travel experiences and chastised IndiGo for their hurried cancellations and bad handling. Customers were promised refunds and other flight alternatives by IndiGo.

When weather forced the cancellation of flights, Air India also received complaints. All flights out of Dubai were suspended by Flydubai till the next morning.

Due to the unfavorable weather, flydubai, an airline located in Dubai, halted all departures till the morning of April 17. Many flights were impacted by this change, especially those that went to Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and the UK.

Other parts of the Gulf Peninsula were also hit by the bad weather; in Oman, torrential rains resulted in fatalities. Dubai had one of its wettest April days ever, with 40 mm of rain, which the meteorological service in the nation partially blamed on cloud seeding.

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