Rallying for Delhi candidates, BJP veterans criticize AAP

Leading BJP figures took part in roadshows and rallies in favor of the Delhi Lok Sabha candidates. While Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath spoke at a rally in support of East Delhi candidate Harsh Malhotra, Home Minister Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in favor of South Delhi candidate Ramvir Singh Bidhuri. Leading a roadshow for Bansuri Swaraj, the candidate for New Delhi, was BJP national president JP Nadda.

Speaking to a gathering at Sangam Vihar in favor of Bidhuri, Shah criticized Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal harshly. Shah accused him of being hypocritical, saying, “I have never seen a man who takes U-turns like Kejriwal.” He quit his work, started an NGO, and swore he would never become involved in politics before starting a party. Shah went on, “He said he would never hold the position of Chief Minister, yet he did. He threatened to overthrow and imprison the Congress administration in Delhi. He is now contesting elections with Congress in exchange for power. He said he wouldn’t accept a home, a vehicle, or security, but now he accepts all of these things in addition to living in a palace. And he has a very lengthy history of corrupt behavior.

Shah outlined the development vision of the BJP, highlighting Modi’s accomplishments in Kashmir and vowing to legalize all unapproved colonies by 2026. “In the past, liberation chants were chanted in Kashmir; now, they are in PoK. There used to be stone-pelting here, but now there are strikes,” he said.

Adityanath spoke at a sizable public gathering at Mayur Vihar in favor of Harsh Malhotra. “Today, not only Delhi but the entire country is assured that the Modi government will come back,” said Adityanath, adamantly claiming that the Modi administration will take office again.

Adityanath criticized the opposition for their attitude and emphasized the BJP’s contribution to the building of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Additionally, he made fun of the AAP government’s response to the Covid-19 problem, claiming that it had mistreated and intimidated workers and refugees. “The AAP administration in Delhi threatened workers, laborers, and migrants over the microphone with water connection cuts and forced them out of Delhi during COVID-19. Adityanath added, “The Modi administration continues to feed 80 crore people free meals and tried to gently send these laborers and workers home.

Nadda carried on the party’s assault on the opposition while taking part in a roadshow for Swaraj. The mindset of Congress and the INDIA bloc is one of disinformation, deceit, and diverting attention away from important concerns. The BJP is very aware that the reason it is gaining more than 400 seats is due of public support, Nadda said.

Nadda criticized Kejriwal for his lack of response in the Swati Maliwal assault case, seeing it as an instance of his hypocrisy. He went on to accuse Kejriwal of compromising in order to benefit himself.

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