Ramesh Bidhuri of the BJP insults a BSP MP in the Lok Sabha; Rajnath Singh apologizes; the Congress calls for his suspension

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla, cautioned BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri on Friday that he will face severe repercussions for his use of derogatory and abusive language towards BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali. The incident took place while Bidhuri was speaking and Ali was overheard interfering with his remarks in the Lok Sabha during a debate on the success of Chandrayaan-3.

As seen in a video going popular on social media, angered by the intrusion, Bidhuri referred to Kunwar Danish Ali Ugrawadi as a terrorist, Mullah Ugrawadi as a Muslim Ugrawadi, and those with circumcised genitalia as “katwa” in the Lok Sabha. The opposition and Speaker Om Birla responded angrily to Bidhuri’s hate-filled words and threatened him with terrible repercussions if he did it again.

Additionally, the Speaker removed Ramesh Bidhuri’s disparaging comments. Notably, Rajnath Singh, the defense minister, also apologized in the House right away following Bidhuri’s insulting remarks.

Ramesh Bidhuri’s words have drawn a harsh response from the Congress party, which has sought his dismissal from the Lok Sabha for being “offensive and disrespectful to all Members of Parliament.”

Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the Congress, voiced his displeasure with Union Minister Rajnath Singh’s apologies, calling it unsatisfactory and nothing more than eyewash. He demanded that Bidhuri be dealt with harshly.

“What Ramesh Bidhuri stated is a complete disgrace. The apology from Rajnath Singh is absolutely unacceptable. It’s a hesitant apology. Parliament is being insulted by it. The phrase “sabka saath, sabka vikas,” which the prime minister keeps repeating, is made fun of by this. What would constitute a valid reason to suspend Bidhuri if not this? Danish Ali is not the only MP who was insulted by Ramesh Bidhuri’s words. The apologies from the defense minister is only an eyewash, according to Jairam Ramesh, who was cited by ANI.

The Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has allegedly received a letter from BSP MP Danish Ali requesting that Ramesh Bidhuri be punished. Danish Ali pleaded with him to take harsh action against the South Delhi Parliamentarian in his letter, which showed his profound distress over the words.

View the whole letter here.

I write to you with great sorrow in regards to the remarks made by BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri in the Lok Sabha during the debate about Chandrayaan’s triumph. He used the filthiest, most slanderous insults about me throughout his speech, which are documented in the Lok Sabha’s records. “Among the epithets he used against me were ‘Bhadwa’ (pimp), ‘Katwa’ (circumcised one), ‘Mullah ugravadi’ (Muslim terrorist), ‘atankvadi’ (terrorist), etc.,” he stated in his letter, according to Indian Express.

As a minority citizen of this wonderful country and an elected citizen of Parliament, the letter said, “This is most unfortunate and the fact that it has happened in a new Parliament building under your leadership as Speaker is truly heartbreaking for me.”

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