Recycled narcotics hurled beside Abohar Road

Hundreds of expired medications were discovered on the side of the road next to a private college on the Abohar-Hanumangarh route, days after searches on several medical establishments resulted in the arrest of an unlicensed medical practitioner.

Locals claim that throwing out narcotics outside pollutes the environment and puts animals or even bystanders who could pick them up and use them at risk of death.

A few months before, several expired medications that had been abandoned on the banks of a canal were discovered by volunteers of “Apna Abohar, Apni Abha,” under the direction of MLA Sandeep Jakhar.

The head of Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa Samiti, Raju Charaya, stated that although the government had established guidelines for getting rid of medical waste and destroying expired medications, some “irresponsible persons” were gravely endangering the lives of people and animals by disposing of medications by the side of the road or close to bodies of water. He said, “To guarantee that the infractions are curbed on priority, strict vigilance must be maintained on offenders.”

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