Rijiju's claim that he is "part of an anti-India group" and Jairam Ramesh's "outlaw" jab

Rijiju's claim that he is "part of an anti-India group" and Jairam Ramesh's "outlaw" jab

Jairam Ramesh, a prominent member of the Congress, slammed Union law minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday for saying that a few retired judges are "part of the anti-India gang" and are attempting to use the court as the opposition. The general secretary of the Congress in charge of communications, Jairam Ramesh, said that the law minister was acting like a "outlaw" and spreading "injustice" with his speech.

"A Law Minister behaving erratically. Justice is being spread by a minister of justice. What else poses a danger to the right to free expression if this? In a tweet, he said.

During a recent conference in Delhi, several senior judges were scheduled to talk on the "accountability in judges' appointment," but Rijiju said that the conversation instead focused on "how the government is taking over the judiciary."

Rijiju said that a small number of retired judges—possibly three or four—along with a handful of anti-India activists were attempting to transform the Indian judiciary into the opposition party.

"Some individuals want the court to restrain the government and modify its policies when they file legal complaints. These individuals want the court to act as the opposing party, which is impossible, "Said he.

Rijiju declared: "Judges are not associated with any political party or organisation. How are these individuals able to proclaim out loud that the Indian court must confront the government head-on? This propaganda is of what sort."

When asked whether any measures were being taken against specific components, he said, "As required by law, steps will be taken and are already being taken. There will be no escape."