Roadside disposal of waste

At the Malyana bus stop, DEBRIS has been laying on the side of the road, greatly inconveniencing travelers. A portion of the road has been overtaken by debris, which raises the possibility of accidents resulting in injury. The debris in this area needs to be removed by the relevant authorities.

Checkpost often cause bottlenecks in traffic

After passing Shoghi, which is 10 to 12 kilometers from Shimla, vehicles entering the city slow down significantly. This might be related to the cars being inspected at the Shoghi police checkpoint. Traffic proceeds at a snail’s pace, even late at night, which is quite inconvenient for commuters. To improve traffic flow, the relevant authorities need to investigate the issue.

At Solan Hospital, there is inadequate administration

The Civil Hospital is poorly managed. Patients often encounter difficulties as a result of finding it very difficult to see physicians. In addition, test results are sent two to three days later. The administration of the hospital must enhance its functioning.

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