Roller crash barriers are erected on Valparai Ghat Road by the Tamil Nadu Highways Department

State Highways Department personnel have begun installing roller crash barriers at the severe hairpin bends on Pollachi-Valparai Road in order to save cars from plunging into the ravine.


On the Pollachi to Valparai highway route, State Highway Department authorities have made the decision to place roller crash barriers at each of the 41 hairpin curves. Installation work has already started at the 20th hairpin bend, which is close to Attakatti. The fact that accidents happen often at this hairpin turn is the reason this location was chosen initially.

The highway route is congested since it is frequented by visitors from Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu, who use it to go to popular tourist destinations like the Sholyar dam and Valparai, among others, before arriving at the Athirapally waterfalls in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

“We have noticed that, unlike local drivers, tourist vehicles driven by inexperienced drivers are causing road accidents, and most of the accidents occur when they are descending from Valparai,” a senior State Highway Department official told TNIE. Drivers must use caution while handling the tight hairpin turns. But they lose their balance and tumble down the ravine. Therefore, installing the roller crash barriers will stop the cars from collapsing.

The official went on, “The state government is keen on road safety as the existing similar roller crash barriers in Kalhatty Road in Nilgiris district have successfully prevented many vehicles from falling into the gorge and saved many lives. This is the first time that a roller crash barrier is being installed at Valparai Hill Road in Coimbatore district.” The installation work will be carried out in stages and finished in the upcoming months. The government allotted ~9 crore well in advance of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) going into effect.

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