Roshanara Bagh, built during the Mughal Empire, is about to resurrect

NEW DELHI: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) asserts that it has finished most of the renovations and beautifications it started about a year ago for the Mughal-era Roshanara Bagh in north Delhi.

Roshanara Bagh in Mughal times
The 3.8-acre lake was restored after it was desilted, dried leaves were removed, embankments were built, and stone pitching was done. Roshanara Bagh has 57 acres in total.

In addition, we have restored the island in the centre of the body of water by building bamboo cottages and growing a lot of trees to give it the appearance of an oasis. As of right now, the lake is being filled with water, and after it reaches four feet, we want to add a floating fountain to enhance its aesthetics, according to an official.
An STP with a 2.25 million-litre per-day capacity has been provided for the lake’s filling and irrigation. Water is delivered by pipes. The official said that some electrical work that will be needed to utilise the water for garden irrigation in the future is now underway and will be finished shortly.
A 1.3-kilometre walking trail complete with a green belt, seating area, decorative lighting, and other attractions has been installed around the lake. The installation of lampposts and a fence around the lake is now underway. “People are welcome to stroll around the body of water and partake in leisure activities. As recommended by the lieutenant governor, we want to plant cherry blossom trees around the lake, and we’ve asked the forest department to provide 100 saplings,” the official stated.
The civic organisation wants to open a café and boat tours. Funds obtained under the Centre’s AMRUT plan are being used to carry out the complete project.
In 2022, LG VK Saxena requested that the lake be restored and that, in the event that the STP water supply is insufficient, water from nearby areas that are prone to floods and waterlogging, such as Roshanara Road, Kamla Nagar, and Malkaganj, be diverted via pipes.
The municipal body promptly got to work pulling weeds out of the lake. After that, the STP began filling the lake and irrigating the remaining garden. Work on beautifying came next. MCD planted bushes, flowers, and saplings. It has now been decided to plant flowers three times a year, depending on the season.
Additionally, branches that were blocking the recently placed lights were cut as part of the tree trimming procedure. Some ancient, dry trees have been given new life by the seasonal floral plants that are planted there. Champa trees that were on walkways have also been moved to other areas of the park, according to the official.
We’ve even put in a range of kid-friendly swings. In the parks, bamboo houses will also be constructed. Additionally, restrooms are close to the children’s play area. We have set aside a spot close to the main entrance where 30 to 40 four-wheelers may be placed at once to ensure that customers can park their cars with ease,” the official said.

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