Sanatan Dharma has always placed a strong emphasis on strengthening Matri Shakti: Adityanath Yogi

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, sent his warmest greetings to the state’s residents on Monday for the auspicious occasions of Mahanavami and Vijayadashami, emphasizing that Shardiya Navratri is a celebration that respects the dignity of sanatan dharma has always placed a strong emphasis on strengthening matri shakti a

After the Kanya Pujan on Mahanavami at the Gorakhnath temple, the CM addressed the media and stated: “Sanatan Dharma has always placed great emphasis on the respect, protection, and empowerment of mother power.” He added that during Navratri, the nine manifestations of Mother Goddess Bhagwati Durga are worshipped and ritualized.

“The ritual of Kanya Puja is being performed in the entire state today, on the ninth day of Navratri, along with worshiping the form of Maa Siddhidatri,” he added.

The CM expressed his appreciation for the chance to conduct the Kanya Puja, highlighting the significance of this event as a holy way to honor and empower women. The Mission Shakti initiatives in the state are successfully advancing women’s safety, dignity, and independence in line with this philosophy.

“Both the Central and state governments have implemented various schemes to uphold the dignity of women, and numerous awareness programs were carried out as part of the fourth phase of Mission Shakti during the nine days of Navratri,” Yogi said.

The Chief Minister added: “Vijayadashami, an auspicious event, falls on Tuesday, the day after tomorrow. The celebration of Vijayadashami stands for the victory of faith, honesty, and justice. It also serves as a reminder that Sanatan Dharma has always risen to the occasion to confront evil inclinations and paved the road for humankind’s well-being.

The Chief Minister said that he thought Vijayadashami and Sharadiya Navratri will bring zeal, excitement, and happiness into everyone’s life. He thought that Mother Goddess Bhagwati’s blessings would encourage harmony and empowerment in society.


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