Sangeeta Tetarwal, an IAS official, has a bailable warrant issued against her by a high court, and costs

To guarantee Sangeeta Tetarwal, an IAS official, appears before the bench regarding a plea claiming contempt of court, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered the issuing of a bailable warrant against her. She was further saddled with Rs 10,000 in fees by Justice Rajbir Sehrawat.

The case was brought before Justice Sehrawat’s Bench when Ambala resident Narinder Pal Mal claimed that a high court order was being intentionally broken, which amounted to contempt of court. The official respondents’ actions, which were “causing forceful and illegal obstruction in stopping the construction on the plot owned and possessed by him,” were the subject of a petition that was brought before the Bench.

The petition was dismissed by ordering the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Ambala to consider the petitioner’s submission after a face-to-face hearing. The petitioner claimed that while the high court’s allotted time had passed, nothing had been done to comply with the ruling.

“The respondent has not filed the compliance report or been represented before this court, despite the office of the Advocate-General, Haryana, having already given her due notice,” Justice Sehrawat said. As a result, the coercive procedure against the responder needs to be started.

Judge Sehrawat set September 19 as the hearing date and claimed that expenses were necessary since the respondent’s failure caused the extension.

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