Sanjay Singh claims that there was a large-scale plot by top BJP leaders to imprison Arvind Kejriwal over the Delhi liquor scandal

Rajya Sabha MP for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Sanjay Singh, said on Friday that the liquor fraud is a major plot by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to jail Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He further claimed that prominent members of the saffron party were complicit in this.

Sanjay Singh, who was granted bail by the Supreme Court in the excise policy case and was freed from Tihar Jail on Wednesday, spoke at a news conference in Delhi. “Today, I am present here in front of you to explain to you how the plot was created to arrest Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal… I will also disclose that the BJP is the perpetrator of this spirit fraud. Senior BJP leaders are complicit in this.

“Magunta Reddy, one individual, made three assertions, and his son Raghav Magunta made seven. When Magunta Reddy was first questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on September 16th, he answered honestly, stating that he had seen Arvind Kejriwal, but only in relation to charity trust property. However, upon his son’s arrest and five months of incarceration, his father modified his remarks. From February 10 to July 16, seven declarations from Raghav Magunta were obtained. He says nothing negative about Arvind Kejriwal in six of the seven statements, but on July 16, in the seventh statement, he changes his position, joins the conspiracy, and makes a statement critical of Kejriwal. After being tortured for five months, he recanted his declaration and opposed Arvind Kejriwal.”

What is the liquor scam in Delhi?
The issue concerns the alleged use of money laundering and corruption in the development and implementation of the excise strategy for 2021–2022, which was subsequently abandoned by the Delhi government. The issue started with a report that Lieutenant Governor (LG) Vinai Kumar Saxena received from Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar in July 2022, which highlighted alleged procedural flaws in the policy’s creation. According to the study, Manish Sisodia, the leader of the AAP, made “arbitrary and unilateral decisions” in his role as Excise Minister, which led to “financial losses to the exchequer” estimated at over Rs 580 crore.

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