Sanjay Tandon promises a unique gift of free treatment for the elderly in a poll

Party candidate from Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat Sanjay Tandon said here today that the BJP’s election pledge to provide an Ayushman Bharat card to individuals beyond 70 years of age for free medical care up to Rs 5 lakh without any discrimination is a wonderful gift for all the elderly.

Tandon was giving a speech at a Senior Citizens Association Chandigarh event held at Sector 22. Tandon was honored during the event by the association’s president, IP Puri, and recently appointed chairman, Subhash Agrawal.

Recalling recollections of his late father, the former governor of Chhattisgarh, Balram Das Tandon, brought Tandon to tears. “My connection today is with my father’s time, not with the Senior Citizens Association,” he said. He used to remark, “Sanjay, these elderly people’s contribution to Chandigarh’s population and its structure cannot be overlooked,” demonstrating his strong connection to this institution. In the next few years, he was certain that India’s economy would be classified as developed.

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