SC Requests That Its Registry Quit Designating Trial Courts as “Lower Courts”

The Supreme Court has requested that trial courts no longer be referred to as “lower courts” by its registry. Even trial court records shouldn’t be referred to as “lower court records,” the Supreme Court said.

Judges Abhay S. Oka and Ujjal Bhuyan’s panel made the decision while considering a petition from two individuals contesting the Allahabad High Court’s decision to reject their appeal against being found guilty and given a life sentence in a 1981 murder case. The trial courts should no longer be referred to as “lower courts” by the registry of this court.

It is improper to refer to any record, including the trial court’s record, as the lower court record (LCR).

It is more appropriate to refer to it as the trial court record (TCR). The bench ordered on February 8 that the registrar (judicial) take notice of this ruling.

The issue was scheduled for hearing on August 6 after the highest court instructed its registry to get a soft copy of the relevant trial court record.

The two petitioners have appealed the high court’s October 2018 decision, which rejected their appeals and ordered them to appear in person before the relevant court to serve the balance of their sentences.

They had petitioned the high court to overturn the trial court’s decision to find them guilty and sentence them to life in prison.

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